For us at Interspectral it's of high importance that our customers and users can feel safe with our solutions. We have combined inspiration from what museums and educational institutes do worldwide in this pandemic with our thinking to be able to present two solutions for in-gallery usage and two solutions for online usage.

In-gallery Experience

Stylus pens

When talking to museum professionals and reading articles on how to cope with the COVID19 pandemic and interactive screens many point in this direction. There are a bunch of options when selecting pens, some are disposable and some are reusable after thorough cleaning.

Using a stylus pen means not having to do any changes in your venue settings and would even mean the visitor could interact with many of your exhibitions without a single hands-on touch.

There is possible to customize the pens with logos and colors. Reach out if you want to know more about the stylus pen alternative.

Sanitizers and shields

With the Interspectral hardware, you can use products with or without alcohol. It is a glass surface, and alcohol will not damage the foil underneath when cleaning the surface. If your institute can use alcoholic sprays we recommend a mix of 70% alcohol since research has shown that this ratio offers the best disinfecting effect, it is the standard mix used for applications like this.

Some venues require non-alcoholic and non-flammable sanitizers due to fire safety reasons. Our client, Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum, are using anti-bacterial cleaning wipes from Vidamic on their interactive screens. When used on screens, these wipes leave a protective layer that kills germs and viruses for up to 10 days.

Online experiece

Record content

In these COVID times we all need to be innovative. Museums and public venues are great at this. If you have an Inside Explorer product its possible to record your own content to play on screen or online.

If you want to know more and try to create pictures and video content from Inside Explorer, download the template below.

How to record content from Inside Explorer

Record and publish online or use it in a gallery experience.

Virtual Guides

There is a rich story behind every dataset. Some are history-based, some tell a story about an individual. They are all equally fascinating an interesting. With our virtual guides, your visitors scan a QR-code with their own device and access descriptive pages including both facts, pictures, and films. This is something for both the enthusiast and the school visitors.

Temporarily, virtual guides can be used as a substitute for screen interaction. If you already have an Inside Explorer system and wish to augment your system with online content, or if you just want to know more about online access to our digital experiences, reach out.

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Templates to download

How to record content from Inside Explorer

Record and publish online or use it in a gallery experience.

Recommended sanitizers for Interspectral Hardware

With alcohol

Recommended sanitizers for Interspectral Hardware

Without alcohol