New release of the Corona Exhibition – Now tracking 12 full months of the Covid-19 spread via the interactive 3D globe

We are starting this year with a new release of The Corona Exhibition. This first update regards the interactive 3D globe where users can track the spread of covid-19 throughout the world. We have added 6 more months of data to provide an accurate picture of 2020 and the nature of the disease. All future customers of the Corona Exhibition, and current users, will access this update upon the release day in February.

Corona is complex and changes constantly and we do our very best to monitor the pandemic and follow the global development, with the aim to capture and interpret the most crucial happenings in our future releases and updates. All this without compromising on the facts and scientific reliability of the content.

The update to the 3D globe it just a first step. We will continue to develop the Corona exhibition, and you can expect more extensive releases in 2021 with added content and narratives – portraying both the complexity of the pandemic as well as the beauty of science.

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