Science Centers

Educate, engage & fascinate your visitors with digital 3D exhibits

Science Centers

Educate, engage & fascinate your visitors with digital 3D exhibits

Inside Explorer for Science Centers

Allow your visitors to become explorers. By offering real scientific data and our cutting-edge software, Inside Explorer, we allow your visitor to interact with captivating 3D content straight from scientists and researchers. Designed to be an educational tool and with a large scientific 3D library, your visitors will be able to digitally dissect virus particles to Egyptian mummies.

How it works

Human Anatomy

Content partners

We have worked with leading researchers, museums and collections worldwide by developing their CT-scans into interactive 3D visualizations.

Natural History

Digital Science Exhibits

We have built several interactive digital exhibits and a large scientific 3D library forever expanding as we add new content partners.

The hands of two children using a large touch screen that is showing a 3D visualisation of an animal skeleton

Interactive software

Built for public interaction, we develop an educational software called Inside Explorer that allows visitors to interact with our exhibits and 3D visualizations.

Interspectral online store

Interactive Digital Science Exhibits

At Interspectral we work with leading researchers, museums, collections and organisations worldwide to create educating and entertaining digital exhibits featuring interactive 3D visualizations spanning a wide variety of topics.

Tom Tits Experiment

"We use the table to perform shows in the anatomical theatre. For these shows, we have called for visitors nearby and asked them to sit down while we explain the experiment and how to interact with the content before them. When we have young visitors, the focus is on simple matters, like how to press the screen, but for older visitors we give information about the technology and the content they are watching."

Tomas Nilsson, Exhibition Manager, Tom Tits Experiment, Sweden

Science Centre Singapore

"The Inside Explorer table is a unique and interesting way of visualising things. People see and imagine in 3D; we interpret the world in 3D, yet past resources and learning tools typically show things in 2D. With some complex subjects, learning is transformed through 3D visualisation and the rich content stories that accompany the 3D visuals"

Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore


“Inside Explorer is a great tool for understanding and learning for our guests, in an entertaining way, with scientific visualization. The concept itself is so educational and intuitive that you are tempted to explore it on your own. At Universeum, our guests will be able to explore both animals and humans and we hope that together Interspectral will be able to develop more fun and interesting concepts for Inside Explorer.”

Håkan Sigurdsson, Scientific Leader, Universeum

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What to expect


Three steps towards an interactive learning experience

inside explorer used on laptop in classroom

1. Select your exhibit

Visit our online store and select the exhibit that you like. If you do not see an exhibit that meets your theme, then contact us, you never know what our content partner network have up their sleeve.


2. Choose your license

Only pay for the time you need our 3D exhibits. We offer flexible licenses spanning from 3 months for temporary exhibits to 3 years for permanent installations.


3. Decide on hardware

Match with your own hardware or purchase hardware together with Inside Explorer, we have some beautiful turnkey solutions (software and hardware bundles) that will meet your needs.

This is how other science centers & science museums have used Inside Explorer

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Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or email. Let us know if you're interested in a demonstration of our products or services and we will contact you as soon as possible.