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Interspectral is a Swedish software company with a global presence that focuses on 3D visualization towards these markets: Museum, Science Centers, Aquariums & Zoos, Schools and Industry. 
Our self-built software Inside Explorer is transforming complex 3D data into engaging experiences and insights.
We offer two main things, the first thing is customized projects; we can provide you with first-class visualisations of artifacts and objects from your museum collection. If you have an artifact or an object that you want to decode the mystery around, open up without destroying, or tell the objects story in a new explorative format - we can do just that.
The second is our off-the-shelf solution. We have a huge library of ready-made visualizations that has been produced together with our partners, scientists, and experts in their field. We have everything from humans, animals and insects, meteorites, and fossils. Read more about our customers here

Inside Explorer is our self-built interactive software used by science centers, museums, schools, and public venues to showcase engaging digital exhibitions fit for public education and use. Learn more at: www.insideexplorer.com//inside-explorer-exhibitions

AM Explorer is a visualization software package designed specifically for users working with layer-based metal additive manufacturing. Read more here: https://insideexplorer.com/amexplorer

Yes! We can help you 3D visualise and showcase objects from your own museum collection. If you have a special artifact that you want to decode the mystery around, open up without destroying, or tell an unique story about in a new exploratory format - reach out directly to sales@insideexplorer.com

Yes, that is possible! Send us an email and tell us about your needs as a teacher.

We have a huge global network of researchers that may have the specimen you are looking for, reach out and we will go hunting for you.  

No, but we usually recommend touch table solution for public exhibition environments since it is very robust and built for public use. It can handle years of over-excited kids.

Yes you can! Just make sure that the hardware of your choosing matches the minimum requirements for running Inside Explorer.

Display: Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher, 4K is recommended
Touch technology: Windows native touch input (touch is not a requirement)
OS: Windows 10, version 1709 or later.
CPU: Intel Core i5 / i7, or better
RAM: Minimum 8 GB, recommended 16 GB
Storage: SSD, minimum 128 GB
GPU: Minimum: Nvidia Quadro P4000 or Nvidia RTX 2060
Recommended: Nvidia Quadro RTX A4000 or Nvidia RTX 3080

No, the touch tables are sold together with the software Inside Explorer. 

It depends on the length of the license period and content chosen. Reach out to us at sales@insideexplorer.com for a quote based on your needs.

It depends on the scope of the project. Reach out to sales@insideexplorer.com and tell us about your project and we can make a cost estimation.

When the license period ends, Inside Explorer will shut down and ask for a new license key to activate again. To renew your license contact the sales team

It looks something like this:

A 3D scan must be performed first (CT, uCT or surface scan), then the data is sent to us for evaluation.

If the data is of good quality we can proceed with production and visualization of the data. Together with with the customer we set guidelines and expectations of the visualization.

After that we help the customer create a beautiful interactive story with information and information points.

When its all done the customer show the subject on an interactive display where the visitors can interact and read through an interesting story.

Yes, we can take a look at it and evaluate the possibilities. Send your data to sales@insideexplorer.com and tell us briefly about the object and what you hope to achieve.

Yes, we can customize ready-made visualizations according to your need. Tell us what you are looking for and together we can work on the perfect match for you.

Yes, to a certain extent it is possible. Reach out with your ideas to us.

Yes, take a look at our reference page here. If you want to call and ask questions to one of our customers, reach out so we can help you connect. 

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