Meet Corona Exhibition 2.0

When we started the Corona visualization project in March 2020, little did we know that, in December 2021, after a year of vaccine rollouts, we would be facing an increasing number of cases and reinstated restrictions. But as the pandemic evolves, so does the Corona Exhibition. We are currently working on the latest update, Corona Exhibit 2.0, that will be released in January 2022.

Updates to the Corona Exhibit:

  • A new section and infographics on how mRNA vaccines work.
  • A new section and illustration of virus variants.
  • Updated version of “The 3D Globe” visualization with statistics stretching over two years.
  • A gentle touch up in the overall design plus added images.

The one thing we’ve known from the start is the importance of portraying the science behind COVID-19 to the general public. And the past year’s events, debates, and fake news have only strengthened our beliefs. The goal of this exhibit has never been to tell anyone what to do, or not to do. But rather give educators a hands-on tool that can spark conversation and stir up questions in visitors. Give everyone the chance to reflect on the situation with facts at hand.

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