The Corona exhibition for Inside Explorer is finalized.

Since early March, we have been developing an exhibit on the new Corona virus for Inside Explorer. At Interspectral we do have a lot of experience in working with sensitive data of, for example, human remains and within cultural heritage. We know the importance of treating objects and subjects with respect and consideration. But no installation prior to the Corona exhibition has been dealing with such a present matter that is affecting people here and now.

The result is not only an engaging learning tool, it is not only an easy way to utilize medical imaging and scientific visualization. It is an exhibit that reflects an ongoing pandemic that has caused great harm to many. The question is – How do we portrait COVID-19 in a respectful yet truthful way?

We asked for help. This exhibit is a collaboration with scientists and experts that have contributed with both data, information, and first-hand experience. Our list of partners includes e.g. an infectious disease specialist working with hospitalized COVID-19 patients, and a professor with PhD in molecular virology. In terms of visual content, we work with doctors, researchers and visualization experts in Sweden, Austria, Brazil, and the US. All determined to help us paint an accurate picture based on research instead of news flashes.

We aim to unmask our enemy, reveal both its strengths and weaknesses, without spreading fear. The exhibition in Inside Explorer is to prevent fear of the unknown, the unseen, by making it visible. All four datasets: the virus, the spike protein, the lungs, and the pandemic, contribute to a wider perspective. It is all about gaining a basic understanding of the virus and the disease, sorting out all that information that we have been fed with since the very first outbreak was reported in December 2019.

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