Wyoming Dinosaur Center purchases digital exhibit with real marine fossils from Australia.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis is the first out to buy the Dig Deeper – Monstrous Creatures of The Sea exhibit produced by Interspectral in collaboration with our partners in the Geosciences program at Queensland Museum.

Dig Deeper is an interactive digital excavation of marine fossils from the Queensland state collection located in Brisbane. The physical fossils never left Australia but by combining surface photogrammetry models and medical CT data in Inside Explorer, every fragment of these bones, packed with stories, is translated into something digital that people can see, touch, and interact within an exhibition onsite. Making the inaccessible accessible.

Interactive digital exhibit at Queensland Museum. Credit: Queensland Museum

The exhibit takes us into the ground and beneath the waves to meet the monstrous creatures of the sea, which were actually pre-historic marine reptiles that inhabited the waters a hundred million years ago when the dinosaurs ruled the land. Dr. Scott Hocknull is there to help kids comprehend the life of a paleontologist, which includes everything from digging for bones to translating fossils into shareable 3D assets.

Wyoming dinosaur center is a world-class museum built on dinosaur land. The entire complex holds dig sites and a complete preparation laboratory. It’s heaven on earth for every dino-fan and it’s about to become even more thrilling. The interactive Dig Deeper exhibit and a 55’ multi-touch table will be available this fall for returning in-person visitors to dig into.

Catch up on PROJECT DIG and our role as Queensland Museum’s new technology partner. If you’re interested in how 3D technology is being utilized in modern paleontology listen to Dr. Scott Hocknull, Senior Curator, Geosciences Program at Queensland Museum in the on-demand webinar From Dig to Digital Dinosaurs.

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