Queensland Museum’s New Technology Partner

Interspectral has joined Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia as Technology Partner, partnering to collaborate on a 3D Digital Research Project. The project, started in 2021, allows for creative collaboration and experimentation in the areas of 3D digital visualization, interactive technology, and digital engagement across multiple users, from researchers and teachers to the public.

At Interspectral we have 10 years of experience in working with 3D visualization of natural history collections and develop a software to exhibit digital copies in a public setting.

Louise Lennersten, CEO at Interspectral stated, “this is a very exciting partnership for us. We see that the museum industry needs 3d technology and tools that can help them bring their research and findings to the public in an interactive and educational way”.

Interspectral will be working closely with Queensland Museum’s Project DIG. Project DIG is a ground-breaking five-year partnership between Queensland Museum Network and BHP to digitally unlock the knowledge held in the State Collection for visitors and researchers worldwide.

Louise said, “Queensland Museum is an early mover in this field, having already established a state-of-the-art 3D digital collection of its specimens. While many other museums have recognized the potential of such technology, none have acted or moved as far down the path as Queensland Museum. This makes them an ideal partner for us.”

Learn more about Queensland Museum’s Project DIG

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