Saint Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum has expanded and relocated its ancient Egyptian art collection to a new, larger gallery, which is now open to the public. Interspectral has been working with the museum over the past year to create an immersive in-gallery experience where visitors will be able to virtually explore three of the mummies on display.

Based on existing 3D CT scans the new exhibition will feature an Inside Explorer table, allowing visitors the opportunity to virtually explore the mummies and study them layer by layer. The CT scans were able to reveal new information about the mummies that was previously hidden, including information about how the mummification process was undertaken, and the fact that the mummies’ brains were left intact rather than removed from the body.

As one of the most experienced teams in the world when it comes to the visualisation of 3D scanned mummies, Interspectral are able to offer a wealth of knowledge and data in this area. Interspectral offer unique solutions for public engagement with artefacts based on real, un-simplified, scientific data.

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