National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm

National Museum of Science and Technology is Sweden’s largest museum of technology. It has a national charter to be responsible for preserving the Swedish cultural heritage related to technological and industrial history. The galleries comprise around 10,000 square meters and the museum attracts annually about 170,000 visitors.

We at Interspectral are very proud to be part of the largest exhibition ever produced at the Museum, “100 Innovations”. The exhibition showcases the most important innovations in history as rated by the Swedish people.

Inside Explorer is used as an interactive exhibit to showcase medical imaging technology, which was highlighted as one of the most important innovations according to the Swedish people.

The table is a popular part of the exhibition and the museum have regular special viewings of the table in their public programming activities.


Location: National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm
Type: Permanent exhibition
Installation: 2012
Content: Medical scans
Hardware:  55” interactive table for integration in custom housing
Services: Localization and support

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