Georgia Aquarium chooses Inside Explorer after evaluation

Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, is currently planning a new public gallery to open in 2020. They have previously partnered with Interspectral to evaluate how Inside Explorer can be used for enhancing the learning experience for their visitors and in their public programs. After a successful trial period, during which the software was tested by the current visitors, the aquarium has now decided to include Inside Explorer in their exhibits .

”Inside Explorer creates a unique and engaging possibility to provide visitors with in-depth information about current research within the field. It becomes especially powerful when presented at a setting where visitors can experience both the live animals and the digital artifacts side by side.”


Louise Lennersten, CEO of Interspectral.

Using Inside Explorer will enable for visitors to interact with visualizations of real scientific data collected from scientists worldwide. This creates a greater understanding of both ongoing research on marine life as well as providing information on conservational efforts and animal anatomy.

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Are you interested in how Inside Explorer can be used to create new learning experiences for your visitors? Please contact us and we will set up a live demo for you. You can also check out our gallery for examples of our animal anatomy datasets or learn how we work with museums and educational institutions worldwide.

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