Georgia Aquarium evaluates Inside Explorer for 100 Million USD expansion

Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world, housing more than a hundred different species and thousands of animals. In 2020, Georgia Aquarium is planning a 100 million USD expansion resulting in a new exhibit where educational aspects will be central.  As part of the expansion, the Aquarium is partnering with Swedish visualization company Interspectral to evaluate how interactive 3D technology can be used for education and to further enhance the learning experience in the new gallery.

“We hope that this expansion is more than just an exhibit for guests to visually enjoy, but rather a learning experience that creates a deeper appreciation for the important role sharks serve in our oceans”

Anthony Riviera, vice president of guest experience and hospitality.

The Aquarium has entered a trial with Interspectral where the company’s Inside Explorer software will be tested on some of the current visitors to the Aquarium. The aim is to evaluate how the interactive software could be integrated into the newest exhibit and the public programs at the Aquarium.

Using Inside Explorer, visitors can interact with, explore and even dissect several species. As the visualizations are based on real scientific data collected from researchers all over the world, the software bridges the gap between science and the public in a new, and very hands on way. Apart from giving new insights to regular visitors, Inside Explorer could also be an interactive tool for educational programs as it provides new possibilities to present both animal anatomy as well as ongoing research and conservation efforts.

The Interspectral visualization platform is already used by educational institutions, museums and cultural institutions all around the world to let researchers and visitors alike get new insights on cultural heritage objects as well as animal and human anatomy.

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Are you an aquarium operator curious to understand how Inside Explorer can be used to create new visitor experiences? Please contact us and we would be pleased to arrange a live demonstration for you.

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