The American University in Cairo uses Inside Explorer for enriched education

The American University in Cairo (AUC), is a well-renowned institution of higher education in Cairo, Egypt. “For a century, AUC has provided its diverse student body with a first-class, high-quality education, serving as Egypt’s global University and a creative hub in the region.

To further enhance the learning process and the student experience, AUC Provost Ehab Abdel Rahman, a strong promoter and advocate for innovative initiatives, supported AUC library to proceed with the initiative of purchasing the Inside Explorer and have it available on its premises for the benefit of its community members. 

“As advocates for transformation, and to advance in a rapidly changing world, libraries play an instrumental role in creating an innovative culture that is essential tofurther enhance the educational and learning process. We look forward to having the Inside Explorer complement student projects and course related initiatives in a dynamic and innovative way.”

Lamia Eid, Interim Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies

AUC is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced research,innovative teaching and learning offering 36 undergraduate, 44 master’s and two PhD programs to over 6000 students. 

AUC will use Inside Explorer for a wide variety of courses ranging from Egyptology to Technology. The intuitive visualization platform allows students to research scientific data themselves, making their own discoveries, and encouraging both exploration and dialogue.

AUC library is especially excited about including unique 3D scans of Egyptian mummies from the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm to be a valuable visual asset for the Egyptology courses. 

Inside Explorer will be available at AUC spring 2019. 

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