Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, visited Interspectral

On Tuesday April 24th the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation in Sweden, Mr Mikael Damberg, visited the 3D visualization company Interspectral in Norrköping to discuss innovation and growth.

The visit at Interspectral was part of Mikael Damberg’s participation at “Innovation Parliament”, a conference for stakeholders in the Swedish innovation system, this year hosted in Norrköping and Linköping.

“Being based in a region like East Sweden with many interesting technology and start-up companies, we are proud that the minister chooses to visit us at Interspectral. As a small growing company with a highly innovative product on an international market we have many challenges ahead and important experiences to share”, says Thomas Rydell, CEO at Interspectral.

During the meeting Interspectral presented its unique 3D visualisation tool, Inside Explorer, for the minister and a small group consisting of members of parliament and the regional political leadership.

 “This has been a great opportunity to sit down with the minister to explain the challenges we face in order to take the next step and scale our company. We now hope that the Swedish government will continue, and ideally increase, the ongoing work to support innovative growing companies” said Thomas Rydell.

Interspectral AB, is a spin-off company from Rise Interactive and Visualization Center C in Norrköping, is a visualization software company focused on volumetric rendering and 3D-digitization. Our core business is to develop and market our visualisation software Inside Explorer and provide custom solutions and professional services.

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