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Nobel – “Exploring life”

Interspectral delivered 4 Inside Explorer interactive tables for the Nobel Museum exhibition “Exploring Life: Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine” that opened in Dubai spring 2016.

The exhibition was  the first in an annual series being developed by the Nobel Museum, Stockholm in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF), and designed by the German company Atelier Brückner. It was held at Children’s City in Dubai Creek Park, and will showcased the Nobel Prize and Nobel Laureates as role models for young people.

Inside Explorer

The exhibition highlighted the contribution of Nobel Laureates in the field of physiology and medical science, especially in the understanding and treatments of critical illnesses.

The Inside Explorer tables formed an integral part of the exhibition, allowing visitors to explore the human body in a way that was previously only available to healthcare and research professionals. The technology works by using 3D X-ray to produce an interactive 3D image of an object that can then be virtually examined by the visitor.

“This exhibition will give visitors an opportunity to try out state-of-the-art visualization tools. The technique that Inside Explorer uses creates possibilities for the general public to take part in actual research findings. To see the invisible is incredibly exciting – and the experience will be shared with thousands of others. I think it will be very powerful.”

Olov Amelin – Director Nobel museum

The interactive tables supplied by Interspectral, will give visitors the opportunity to examine human anatomy from a completely new perspective. They will be able to explore the different elements that make up the human body and how they work together. What the visitors will see, including bones, muscles, organs, will be anatomically correct allowing users to learn about the internal workings of their own bodies.

Interspectral have provided a full solution package to the exhibition organisers, including hardware, software, content, customization, installation and ongoing support and maintenance.

Photo: Copyright © Atelier Brückner and Nobel Museum. Photo: Rita Tesandori.

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