Hill Country Science Mill


Hill Country Science is a brand new non-profit science center located in Johnson City, Texas. The Science Mill that opened 2015 is a place of discovery where the entire family will have an experience of interactive learning and creative thinking. Science Mill strives to be a destination for the greater community – a gathering place and open forum to present and discuss scientific topics, especially those of high relevance to the area.

Visitors to Science Mill will be able to explore the human anatomy with help of Inside Explorer as of many interactive exhibits targeted for middle and high school students.

Inside Explorer will be an important part of The Science Mill’s distinctive approach to focus on strengthening the student’s connection to the world of science and to inspire students to pursue life-long careers as scientists, engineers, researchers and technology leaders of tomorrow.


Location: Hill Country Science Mill, Johnson City, Texas
Type: Permanent exhibition
Installation: 2015
Content: Medical scans
Hardware:  55” interactive display for integration in custom housing
Services: Localization, installation and support

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