Monash Tech School evaluates Inside Explorer during a three month trial.

Monash Tech Shool in Australia, has entered an agreement with Interspectral to evaluate Inside Explorer during a three month trial starting in november 2019. Monash Tech School is one of ten tech school in the state of Victoria providing secondary students with high-tech learning environments and innovative, problem-based education.

The Inside Explorer software will run on a qualified school laptop during the three month trial and is thought to be used for group work, lectures and individual work. Users will have access to a mix of pre-installed 3D datasets including human anatomy, insects and meteorites.

”We are looking at using the software for our Superhumans program where students design implants, smart clothing, wearables and bionics devices for patients with various impediments or diseases.”

Matthew Jarvis, Technology Manager at Monash Tech School.

The superhumans program features material science and advanced manufacturing and the goal is to provide year 7 students with an idea of the key concepts in materials science and engineering. Inside Explorer allows the students to get a more hands-on interactive experience with real data to get a higher understanding of how material science and advanced manufacturing can change the future.

We are looking forward to taking the next step towards the educational use of Inside Explorer together with Monash Tech School. The Superhumans program seems like a perfect match.

– Gabriella Bergsten, Business Developer, Interspectral

Amplify STEM education at your school

A majority of fast-growing industries and future occupations require both knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) resulting in a growing need for education that provide students with the means to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow.

Are you interested in ways to amplify STEM education at your school? Please contact us for a free demo of Inside Explorer and we can discuss whether Interspectral is a good fit for you!

Tech Schools use Inside Explorer

Monash Tech School is now the second tech school in the state of Victoria to discover the benefits of Inside Explorer. Read about how our customer Ballarat Tech School uses Inside Explorer to fulfill their educational goals.

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