Ballarat Tech School, Victoria


Ballarat Tech School, located in Victoria, Australia, decided to invest in five Inside Explorer touch tables to support their vision of bringing the latest technology and learning tools into the hands of their visiting students. The ten Tech Schools in the state of Victoria challenge students to solve real-world problems and prepare them for the future world of work. Students remain at their regular schools and come to Tech Schools for free programs designed to inspire their interest in STEM.

“The students (and staff) will find the tables extremely engaging. They allow for collaboration and there is enormous scope to use them in our programs. Inside Explorer offer the ability for students who find it difficult to visualise can now see objects in 3D from every angle.”

Sofia Fiusco, Director at Ballarat Tech School

The five Inside Explorer touch tables are equipped with all available datasets, ranging from human anatomy to animal anatomy, natural history and science. The wide variety of content in combination with the ability to update the touch tables remotely with updates and new content, were strong arguments when deciding to invest in Inside Explorer. Ballarat Tech School also intend to use Inside Explorer as a platform for visualize local CT-scans and 3D content produced by the students.

“The possibility for students to scan things and build their own content to view on the tables is amazing. Teachers in the local Ballarat area might like to learn how to scan objects using a 3D scanner and to put the content onto the tables for their own classes”

Sofia Fiusco, Director at Ballarat Tech School

By entering the collaboration with Ballarat Tech School, Interspectral expands its presence in Oceania and the education industry, which is part of Interspectral’s long-term strategy.

“This is a milestone for Interspectral since the collaboration with Ballarat Tech School marks our first major step into the public school and education domain. We are honoured by Ballarat Tech School´s trust in our products and services, which makes us eager to intensify our work to make Inside Explorer available to all students across the world.”

Richard Bremer, Business Developer at Interspectral

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