Making Inside Explorer available to everyone

At Interspectral, we talk a lot about making science accessible to the public, and bridging the gap between research and education. To achieve this mission of ours, we have worked actively with engaging 3D-visualizations and interactive exhibitions for public environments, and we have delivered educating science experiences to visitors for five years.

This spring, we have taken the next step on our mission, by making our software Inside Explorer available for download on Steam – An online platform with over a 100 million users. From now on, everyone with a gaming computer can access Inside Explorer and a selection of scientific datasets from home.

Inside Explorer for consumers comes pre-installed with animal anatomy datasets from our content partner Kolmården Wildlife Park. Through collaborations with content partners and customers we will continuously release packages with new 3D-visualizations for our Inside Explorer users online. We can all look forward to the first digital unwrapping of mummies, from The Field Museum before summer.

Distributing Inside Explorer to consumers will open up for the possibility to reach an entirely new audience and hopefully evoke interest for natural science, biology and history among people who are usually not exposed to this kind of scientific content. As for regular visitors at museums and science centers, they are offered a chance to continue the experience at home, to bring a bit of science with them when they leave the venue.

For those of you who are interested in downloading the Inside Explorer software for personal use, click the button below

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