Kreativum Science Centre enhance science education with Inside Explorer

Kreativum Science Centre in Sweden have chosen Interspectral to deliver an interactive and intuitive 3D experience consisting of an Inside Explorer touch table installed with 8 data sets ranging from human anatomy to animal physiology. Kreativum manages educational activity and exhibitions that aim to stimulate curiosity and the urge to discover in people of all ages.

Visitors of Kreativum will be able peel of layers and cut through 3D visualizations of diverse objects such as a brain, golden eagle, grey seal, martian meteorite and a grasshopper. Inside Explorer shows real objects that have been CT scanned and transformed into interactive and intuitive 3D visualizations accessible to the public. A true-to-life experience with its roots in science.

Kreativum is owned by the city of Karlshamn and measure about 2000 square meters packed with aproximately 170 different stations touching nature science, technology, mathematics and entreprenourship.

Technology and nature science form the basics of a majority of educations and jobs so the importance of evoking interest in a young age can’t be understated. Kreativum has an educational purpose towards students, teachers but also the public. Inside Explorer helps enhance the learning experience in an engaging way.

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Are you looking for ways to make science more accessible and engaging? Please contact us for a free demo of Inside Explorer and we can discuss whether Interspectral is a good fit for you!

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