Junior Academy of Sciences Ukraine opened up the first state science museum in the country.

This year has been filled with discouraging news about closures, cuts, and canceled programs. But in the shadow of these events, good things have happened for the science education industry, and especially for all science enthusiasts in Ukraine.

Months after its expected opening, Ukraine’s very first state museum of science opened its doors to the public. The hero behind the initiative is The Junior Academy of Sciences Ukraine, a governmental scientific and educational organization supporting middle and high school students with extracurricular science activities.

The much-awaited official opening took place on the 3rd of October and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj was onsite for the ceremony. “Such a modern interactive museum has appeared in Ukraine – it’s great”, said president Zelenskyj. “You will see that science is cool! Science is on trend! Science is the top!”.

We cannot do anything but agree. There are many mind-blowing experiments and displays to discover in this highly interactive museum. Ride a bike on squared wheels, walk inside a giant shellfish, watch a scientific hologram, study the wonders of the human body, or take a trip to space. The level of creativity that sits within these walls is unimaginable, and we are more than proud to have Inside Explorer being a part of the exhibits onsite.

boy and man interactive with inside explorer software on touch screen
Human Anatomy 3D content displayed on a 55″ smart table

Our collaboration with (Junior Academy of Sciences) JAS started over a year ago and, at the beginning of 2020, Inside Explorer was installed on two large smart tables and delivered to their venue in Kyiv. The digital exhibits are now a part of a long-term exhibition where students and visitors can study and learn from interactive 3D visualizations of human anatomy, Animal Anatomy, Meteorites, and Insects. And the initial response has been very positive.

“The Inside Explorer exhibits are very popular among our visitors. We plan to use all its educational functions during our future educational programs.” – Says Vasyl Dunets, Scientific and Educational Manager at the Science Museum of The Junior Academy of Sciences Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the museum had to temporarily close in November, after only being operational for a month due to the situation with COVID-19 in the country. But we are celebrating the small victories, and this institution will bring new opportunities for science education to the country and Ukrainians can look forward to many years of engaging, fascinating, and joyful science experiences, after this pandemic.

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