Groundbreaking cloud service creates great opportunities for education and learning

Visualization Center C in Norrköping, Sweden is the first in Europe to use Interspectral’s new streaming service Inside Explorer Cloud™.

Together with Science Center Singapore, Visualization Center C is leading the way in using and displaying scientific data to a wider audience. The center, a long-standing customer of Interspectral’s visualization solutions is always keen to test the latest technology, so Inside Explorer Cloud ™, an interactive 3D streaming web service that allows users to explore educational visualization experiences on any device, anywhere, was a perfect choice. 

The cloud service will be a great addition to Visualization Center C’s educational l work, both on site at the center and for their outreach programme.  

From left, Lisa Lindgren, CEO, Norrköping Visualisering AB
Lisa Johansson, educator Visualiseringscenter C

“Bringing data into the classrooms or sharing selected visualization data with visitors, teachers and students for our own exploration is something we have wanted to do for a long time, and is in direct harmony with our concept Exploranation – where we combine exploration and explanation, enabling our audiences to be able to explore visualization data and find both questions and answers on their own.”

Lisa Lindgren, CEO Norrköping Visualisering AB

Visualization data for all

Using scientific 3D visualization is very successful in educational and visitor experience environments, however, up to now its use has been limited as 3D scans require powerful computers and complex software. With Inside Explorer Cloud™ the technical barriers to widespread use are removed, while costs are kept down.

“Knowledge is no longer centered around higher levels of education, museums or researchers. Anyone should be able to access real data and information in a simple and educational way. This type of streaming service is a tool that enables this, and isin step with digitalization and children and young people’s opportunities to acquire relevant knowledge from research-based sources.”

Lisa Johansson, curator Visualiseringscenter C
Lisa Johansson, curator Visualiseringscenter C

What does this mean for Norrköping’s schools?

“Norrköping’s schools will be able to visit Visualization Center C to receive training and  presentation of both technology and data and then be able to take the information home and easily continue the work in the classroom. We will be able to enable digital school programs both regionally and nationally, positioning ourselves as Sweden’s leading digital science center.”   

Lisa Lindgren, CEO Norrköping Visualisering AB
Stream Inside Explorer

For more information on or a demo of Inside Explorer Cloud ™, please contact: Isabelle Hachette,

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