CEO at Interspectral speaks at the 36th IASP World Conference.

CEO at Interspectral, Louise Lennersten, is one of the keynote speakers at the 36th IASP World Conference in Nantes next week.

The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, also known as IASP, host its 36th annual event in Nantes 24th-27th of September. IASP is an independent, non-profit association with 350 members in 75 countries. Its mission is to be the global network for science parks and areas of innovation and to enhance new business opportunities and visibility for companies within this field.

The overall theme for this year’s conference is The 4th Industrial Revolution and one of the main topics will be: Industry in a digital world. This session will hear from science parks, big companies and startups developing new digital technology characteristic for the fourth industrial revolution. Interspectral is a case in point. Louise Lennersten will give a presentation on how to use digital twins to simplify complex data, and then attend a panel to discuss technology 4.0.

Since June 2018, Louise is the CEO of the Swedish visualization company Interspectral that develops the 3D software Inside Explorer for analyzing and investigating digital twins for multiple markets and solutions.

Contact if you want to know how Interspectral can simplify your complex data using digital twins.

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