World Wildlife day

March 3rd is World Wildlife day, proclaimed by the UN to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.

All around the globe aquariums, zoos and organizations acknowledge and celebrate this day, and so do we.

Did you know that only in the US 10 million animals are dissected for educational causes? With Inside Explorer, this can be performed in the same manner, over and over again, without affecting the living creature in any way. We have the largest library of digital twins of animals, amphibians, sharks and rays, historical artifacts and so much more.

Interspectral brings to life the inner workings of the spectacular range of organisms that inhabit the earth in a way that is intuitive, educationally engaging and real.  We are optimistic that with the widespread adoption of technologies like those offered by Interspectral the next generation will be able to better appreciate why it is so important for us to preserve the worlds biodiversity and the habitats in which they occur

Gavin Naylor, Director Florida Program for Shark Research at Florida University

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