Norrköping City planning office – Earth Autopsy


​​As part of a major city development project Interspectral teamed up with the Norrköping City planning office to developed a visualization solution to address the challenges with brown field ground pollution.

Earth Autopsy makes it possible for stake holders and citizens to interact with and understand ground pollution data and the ongoing process of cleaning it up.​​

​​The Inner Harbor of Norrköping has a long history of industrial use and has been an important area during the development of the city. One of the first gasworks in the country was built here during the 19th century to provide light to the textile industry. As the urban area is growing, what used to be a peripheral  industrial area is now to be a new city area. ​​

The Inner Harbor. Visualisation by Norrköping City planning office 

With help of Inside Explorer the city planning office have combined both geometric and volumetric data from a wide range of sources such as drones, drill samples, CAD-drawings and historical maps. This enables a unique view in which it is possible toexplore the past, present and the future of the transforming city area.

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