New mummy exhibit produced by the Field Museum now available for Inside Explorer users.

Interspectral have entered a new collaboration with The Field Museum in Chicago making two unique interactive mummy experiences available for new and existing Inside Explorer users.

The new content – first created for the acclaimed Mummies travelling exhibition produced by the Field Museum – consist of two interactive experiences, one featuring Egyptian mummies and one Peruvian mummies.


The very successful exhibition ‘Mummies’ premiered 2016 and have since then been displayed at venues such as  American Museum of Natural History in New York. Now the digital interactive experience used in the exhibition will be available to all Inside Explorer users.


The interactive experience allow visitors to explore inside the wrappings of mummified human and animal remains. By featuring data garnered from CT scans via a touch screen interface, visitors can interact with selected mummies in a variety of ways: They can remove layers of ornament and wrapping, examine details of the mummification process, and “section” mummies to examine their skeletons and see internal elements, such as organ preservation.

Having been 3D CT scanned, the intricate details within the wrappings are revealed, and visitors to the exhibition are able to virtually ‘unwrap’ the mummy and see the contents of the coffins using the interactive touch screens on the Inside Explorer table. Users can cut and see through layers of the CT images, manipulate the mummy to rotate it and zoom in and out for more detail.


Contact us to learn more about this new interactive experience and how you can lease it to your museum.

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