New human anatomy content – ”3D Printing and Implants”

Interspectral collaborates with leading researchers, museums  and other organizations world-wide to create a unique extensive library featuring high quality 3D content, covering a wide variety of topics. We are now happy to announce a great addition to our human anatomy content library.

Large collection of medical 3d scans

Through a partnership with French 3D visualization company IMA Solutions, Interspectral will now have exclusive access to a unique collection of real authentic medical datasets.  The database, created from scans of living patients treated for various medical diseases, contains hundreds of 3D CT and MRI datasets covering a wide range of topics and pathologies.

Example from the database: Abdominal CT Colonoscopy scan of a living patient.

“This new collaboration will result in a great addition to our ever increasing human anatomy content library. We are very excited to offer this unique high-quality content to our users”

Thomas Rydell, CEO at Interspectral.

3D Printing and Implants

The first result from this collaboration is a new human anatomy content package with the topic ”3D Printing and Implants”.  This new package will include a number of examples of how CT-scanning, 3D-modelling and 3D-printing can be used to create custom-made implants customized for each patient´s anatomy for minimal invasive treatment of pathologies, such as Pectus Excavatum, Poland Syndrome and Airway Stenosis Disease.

Pectus Excavatum
Pectus Excavatum. CT scan acquisition of a living patient suffering of a Pectus Excavatum congenital deformation.

“Combining our medical datasets library with Inside Explorer technology will provide an incredible gateway to Human Anatomy and Medicine of the Future to Museums and Science Centers worldwide”

Benjamin Moreno, CEO at IMA Solutions.

Learn more

This new content package will be available for existing and new Inside Explorer users from November 2017.  Download our content catalogue for detailed information or contact us at

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