New and flexible way to purchase interactive exhibits for smaller museums and science centres

Times of uncertainty and intermittent lockdowns call for flexibility. We are offering an easy way to access digital science exhibits with our new online store,, offering flexible license periods and self-service purchases.

At science communicators worldwide can access themed digital exhibits for Inside Explorer in no time. With the new store, we are introducing 3-, 6- and 12-months exhibit licenses, as well as a free 14-day trial of our software. These flexible, cheaper, and shorter licenses is opening for a new market of science communicators in smaller organizations with tighter budgets that can leverage from our technology and join our community of over 100 satisfied customers spread across 30 countries worldwide.

Our customers have been running Inside Explorer as permanent installations on their exhibition floors for 8 years, proving the power of our product. As a compliment, our shorter license periods open for new possibilities to easily alternate between different themed exhibits and reflect on present-day topics. Making it easier for customers to stay up to date, as well as renew their offering more frequently without a mayor investment in time or money.

14 days Free trial of the software. Don’t just take our word for it, try it.

Organizations should be able to buy Inside Explorer and use it on any device that fits the customer best, whether it is touch screens, touch tables or Windows computers.

Along with the new online store comes the option to try the software before purchasing it. We have seen it many times, the fascination and spark or curiosity when trying out Inside Explorer for the first time. It is a powerful moment, and it is much treasured by our customers.

By adding a flexible license opportunity, we also open up the option to showcase Inside Explorer exhibitions on smaller, more flexible, devices beside the traditional touch table. These licenses open for usage in outreach programs, virtual workshops, and educational programs. The trial version is an easy way to try Inside Explorer on your own device.

PS. We are kicking off with a big release sale on 50% off for all exhibits and licenses. Offer valid through 2nd April 2021

Check it out!

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