Interspectral teams up with Additive Manufacturing RnD company AMEXCI

Interspectral enters a new agreement with Additive Manufacturing company AMEXCI AB. AMEXCI will under a new development and license agreement get early access to Interspectrals software AM Explorer.

AM Explorer makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze design files, simulation data, machine monitoring data and post-build metrology data from the metal additive manufacturing process in 3D.

The software package is specifically designed for metal AM and will enable AMEXCI to better explore and understand process data.

AMEXCI is a perfect partner for us, they represent an extensive network of Industry companies and work with large variety of application areas. They will be able to provide us with very valuable domain knowledge and industry insights that we can use to improve our product. We are looking forward to work with the talented team at AMEXCI and will do our best to further develop AM Explorer to support their work.

Thomas Rydell
Co-founder, Interspectral
Data from AMEXCI AB visualized in AM Explorer.

AMEXCI is founded by eleven large Nordic corporations. They aim to accelerate the industrial use of AM by raising awareness of the technology and support customers in developing products and training people – using AM as the enabler for higher performance, shorter lead time, and a more sustainable future production. 

EOS printer at AMEXCI. Photo: AMEXCI AB

At AMEXCI we are bringing AM applications from design preparation to testing, generating different data types along the workflow. We believe that Interspectral will be of great value to visualize this digital thread in one place on real time and to compare one data type to another.

Maud Chidiac
Program Manager AI, AMEXCI AB

Learn more about AM Explorer and AMEXCI or reach out to Thomas Rydell at Interspectral.

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