Augmented Operator is an RnD project platform that explores how Digital Twins can be made accessible for operators within manufacturing industry with help of streamed AR.

Visualizing Digital Twins for Manufacturing Industry using Streamed AR

Augmented Operator is an RnD project platform that explores how digital twins can be made accessible for operators within manufacturing industry with help of streamed AR over low latency wireless networks such as 5G

AR is a core component in Industry 4.0 but has not yet reached its full potential due to technical limitations.

The transformation to Industry 4.0 is well under way and has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic forcing companies to speed up digitalization efforts. 
Manufacturing industries have become data-driven and value is currently created by capturing, analyzing and acting on large amounts of data about the product often called the Digital Twin.

Augmented Reality (AR) has proven to be a great interface between the digital twins and the operators working in production.

The technology is already in use at many larger companies but has not yet reached its full potential due to limitations in the performance of the existing hardware and software.

AR streaming reduce technical limitations and creates huge opportunities for the industrial manufacturing industry 

With the rise of cloud computing, streaming technology and high-speed wireless networks such as 5G it is now possible to do all computation for AR in the cloud and in a secure way stream it over wireless networks to thin clients like handheld devices and nontethered AR headsets.

This new streaming technology will suddenly make advanced interactive 3D-visualization and AR available for use within industrial manufacturing. When computation is no longer a problem the possibilities become endless and imagination is the only limit.

Augmented Operator - an innovation project driven by  Nordic research groups, industry and technology companies


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Our goal: Creating innovation and inspiration

Innovation and growth 

Augmented Operator aims to support the development, innovation and growth of Swedish Industry companies. In the project companies will gain deeper knowledge and experience of streamed AR and its possibilities and limitations.  

Knowledge and Inspiration

The platform aims to inspire and share knowledge about AR for industrial use in general. Within the project we will host a webinar series and perform other outreach activities.

New products and services

The platform will allow the technology companies to develop new AR products and solutions.

Our Use Cases

Fotograf Ristenstrand, Norrköping.

Siemens Energy - Monitoring of product testing.


Saab AB - Assembly work instructions

Image systems bild

Image Systems - Immersive playback of dynamic events

Explorative AR Research

Within the project research groups at Linköping University within 3D Visualization and computer vision will work with a number of work explorative work packages, the findings will be shared in open publications. The work will include: "State-of-the-art analysis – AR hardware",  market, "Technology Proof of Concept - Visual mapping" and "Modeling and prediction of device and object motions"


Augmented Operator Webinar Series

Welcome to a webinar series that will focus on the opportunities that streamed XR is creating for manufacturing industries.  In a series of live and on demand webinars we will present thought leading experts from technology companies and research groups working in the forefront of XR.

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Augmented Operator is supported and partly funded by the Swedish Innovation network Visual Sweden.

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Industry companies
Saab AB
Siemens Energy
Image Systems


Research groups
Linköping university - Computer Vision Laboratory
Linköping university - Media and Information Technology

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Innovation platform
Visual Sweden


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