Interspectral raises 5 Million SEK in development capital

Interspectral, has raised 5 million SEK for product and market development. The investment takes place in connection with a new issue. The investors who are now entering the company are Lars Svensson, Thorbjörn Fors and Östersidan Förvaltning Aktiebolag with Fabian Hielte behind. It is Interspectral’s first external investment and will be used to accelerate product and business development to continue new market growth.

Interspectral was founded in 2015 and has since grown steadily with its flagship visualization software, Inside Explorer. Interspectral has a global reach with about 100 customers in nearly 40 countries in both the private sector and public sector, with a concentration on the education industry. In 2018, a successful test project with Siemens resulted in Interspectral developing a new software, AM Explorer, that provided additive manufacturing (3D manufacturing), which in itself led to increased opportunities also within this market area.

“I am impressed by the sales success that Interspectral has seen with its innovative 3D software for museums worldwide. It will be stimulating to work for the company through the board of directors to take the products to new and larger areas of application in the education and private industry,” says Lars Svensson, who in connection with the new issue will also takes place on the board.

“We are very pleased to welcome Lars on the board and look forward to utilising his and the other investors’ skills and network that will be important components in our growth going forward. The investment comes in a phase when the company needs an extra boost in expertise and capital to respond to both demand and growth potential,” says Louise Lennersten, CEO of Interspectral.

Interspectral is a visualization company based in Norrköping. The company specializes in 3D digitization and 3D visualization through the production of digital twins and works in an area with strong growth and great opportunities. The company was founded in 2015 and currently has customers in over 40 countries.

Lars has extensive experience in software development from companies/organizations such as Saab, Ericsson and ESA. His employment at ESA gave him experience to live and work in an international environment. He founded and managed as a partner, Linsoft, a company focused on software development. He held the title, CEO for 17 years at Linsoft. In recent years, Lars has devoted himself too investing in, and in other ways, helping startup companies. The number of companies sum up to more than ten today, such as the e-helth company Linkura and the 3D printer company Wematter. He is on the board of both companies.

Thorbjörn is a global leader in the energy industry. He invests privately in Interspectral and has previously invested in other young growth companies.

Fabian Hielte is chairman of Ernström & C: o, a family owned investment company active in both growth companies and industry and real estate.

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