Interspectral - Bringing Science and History to life

Interspectral is a Swedish company based in Norrköping, about 200 km from Stockholm. Five years ago, a team of friends started the company with a vision to visualise 3D-based objects for exploration, learning and interaction. The result is our product Inside Explorer and today, the team of twelve, deliver interactive solutions to museum, science centre and education customers in more than 30 countries around the world.

We base all our visualisations on scans from 3D data sources and can produce digital twins of almost any subject, capturing not just the exterior but also revealing the hidden secrets within. Key applications are in science communication, natural history and exploration of cultural artefacts. In many cases, the process of exploration and discovery reveals remarkable new insights which then can be shared with the visitors using Inside ExplorerInside Explorer allows the user to peel away successive layers to investigate the inside of the subject, while panning, rotating and, zooming to explore in increasing detail.

One of our most famous cases is Neswaiu – an Egyptian mummy priest , still intact and encased in a glass display at the Mediterranean museum in Stockholm. Visitors to the museum can now also interact with a virtual Neswaiu, using a touch screen on which curious visitors can meet Neswaiu face to face again after 2500 years, see how he was preserved, explore his dental health and marvel at the 135 beautiful amulets with which he was buried.

Since its formation five years ago, Interspectral has created compelling and unique visualisations for museums and science centres all over the world. Our vision is to be a natural partner in bridging the gap between science discovery and education, while also preserving the value of important artefacts. As digital preservation takes on an increasingly important role today, this has emerged as one of our most crucial roles.

Education is also becoming increasingly important to our mission and, through our engagement with the Microsoft Partnership Program, we are developing opportunities to dramatically increase accessibility of these experiences by a wider public. This will not just be for archaeological artefacts but key stage subjects such as human anatomy, animal physiology and the natural world.

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Interspectral’s partnership with Microsoft will enable new software, hardware and cloud platforms, enabling wider access to science communication, as well as the opportunity to benefit from software development support. We just released our first consumer version of Inside Explorer on the Microsoft Store and together with Microsoft, we aim to extend that curiosity and excitement, we see in our museum and science centre users, to a much broader demographic in the education sector.