Inside Explorer on tour with ‘Mummies’ – now opening at American Museum of Natural History, New York

The acclaimed ‘Mummies’ exhibition produced the Field Museum in Chicago in collaboration with Interspectral has now gone on tour, and on the 20th March it opened to the public at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The exhibition features the ritually preserved bodies of 18 Egyptians and Peruvians, along with accompanying artefacts, but it is the technology behind Inside Explorer tables that makes them more accessible than ever. Researchers have endeavoured to unveil more about the fascinating secrets within the mummy wrappings ever since mummies were first discovered, and now CT scans along high performance 3D visualisation and DNA testing have yielded the greatest insights yet; all without having to disturb the delicate bodies within.

Having been 3D CT scanned, the intricate details within the wrappings are revealed, and visitors to the exhibition are able to virtually ‘unwrap’ the mummy and see the contents of the coffins using the interactive touch screens on the Inside Explorer table. Users can cut and see through layers of the CT images, manipulate the mummy to rotate it and zoom in and out for more detail.

With the help of the technology behind Inside Explorer and the tour of this exhibition, many museum visitors across the USA will now be able to learn about the fascinating lives of our ancestors and connect with their stories like never before.


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