Inside Explorer featured in new PBS Documentary

The Woman in the Iron Coffin’ aired Oct 3rd2018 as part of the PBS strand Secrets of the Dead. It tells the story of a woman found accidentally on a construction site in the Queen’s area of New York, USA. She was about 166 years old and had been buried in a Fisk Metallic Burial Case and was exceptionally well preserved. Examination of the body lead to the shocking discovery that she had suffered from smallpox.

Impossible Factual, the production team responsible for the programme, approached Interspectral to assist with the telling of her story in the 60 minute documentary. The Inside Explorer system was used extensively by archaeological experts throughout the programme to reveal crucial details about her life and death.

This is the second collaboration between Impossible Factual and Interspectral and has resulted in some amazing documentaries. The first was a series of TV programs broadcast around the world, produced for the Smithsonian Channel, called Mummies Alive. In this series, the Inside Explorer table was used by the UK’s leading Forensic Pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd, to perform a series of virtual autopsies on some of the world’s most famous mummies (including The Inca Maiden and Ötzi the Iceman).

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