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Visualizing Digital Twins for Manufacturing Industry using Streamed AR

Welcome to a webinar series that will focus on the opportunities that streamed XR is creating for manufacturing industries.  In a series of live and on demand webinars we will present thought leading experts from technology companies and research groups working in the forefront of XR.

On-Demand Webinars

Modeling and prediction of device and object motions in AR

Welcome to the fourth webinar in the Augmented Operator webinar series. In this webinar, you will listen to Per-Erik Forssén and Mikael Persson, both from the Computer Vision Laboratory at Linkoping University.

Immersive AR based Playback of Dynamic Events

Learn how the XR company Vobling and the Image analysis company Image Systems two of the partners in the Augmented project they worked together to create a new way of presenting dynamic test data with help of collabirative streamed AR.

Streaming XR: The new era of light weight, all-in-one devices delivering high end graphics and compute

In this webinar Greg Jones, Senior Manager for CloudXR at NVIDIA will introduce the concept of streamed XR and the opportunities it creates for manufacturing industries.

You will learn how technologies like  NVIDIA CloudXR can be used to deliver limitless virtual and augmented reality over networks to low cost, low-powered headsets and devices—while maintaining the high-quality experience traditionally reserved for high-end headsets that are plugged into high-performance computers.

greg Jones nvidia
Greg Jones, Senior Manager, CloudXR, NVIDIA

XR, Edge Compute and 5G Private Networks - Collaboration for Manufacturing

Learn how Hyperbat, one of the UK’s largest independent vehicle battery manufacturers in the UK, together with Ericsson and partners are using the latest 5G enabled technology, edge compute and XR to significantly speed up the manufacturing process for hybrid and electric vehicle production in the UK.

Philip Bonner, Account Director, Ericsson


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Our goal: Creating innovation and inspiration

Innovation and growth 

Augmented Operator aims to support the development, innovation and growth of Swedish Industry companies. In the project companies will gain deeper knowledge and experience of streamed AR and its possibilities and limitations.  

Knowledge and Inspiration

The platform aims to inspire and share knowledge about AR for industrial use in general. Within the project we will host a webinar series and perform other outreach activities.

New products and services

The platform will allow the technology companies to develop new AR products and solutions.


Augmented Operator will host a number of webinars and other outreach activities as part of the project. We will invite thought leading industry experts to share their perspectives on streamed AR. Sign up here to make sure you do not miss anything.

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Augmented Operator is supported and partly funded by the Swedish Innovation network Visual Sweden.