Find us on stage at Remix Summit in London

We are happy to announce that our UK based business developer David Hughes will present Interspectral on the REMIX summit in London next week (i.e. Tuesday 28th). He will be on stage to talk about museum interactions and digital heritage among other things.

Together with the lead sponsor Microsoft, the REMIX team have put together a series of new sessions focusing on overcoming the challenges faced by creative companies and organisation when delivering new innovations. Interspectral will be a part of this conversation and contribute by sharing our experience in delivering technology for cultural institutes such as museums.

Time and place for the presentation
11:30AM – 12:00PM at the Microsoft Academy Stage, Royal Academy of Arts

REMIX Summits explore the intersection of Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Discover the future of the cultural and creative industries, creative cities and the creative economy.

REMIX Website, 2020


We will be more than happy to meet with you during the event. Reach out directly to David or Thomas who will be on sight.

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