Explore the highest resolution 3D digital model yet made of a human brain

Interspectral has collaborated with the International Centre for Life, one of the UK’s premier science centres, to develop a new interactive exhibit. It will allow visitors at the new exhibition ‘Brain Zone’, to explore the highest resolution 3D digital model yet made of a human brain.

The Brain Zone exhibition demonstrates, through a number of new and exciting brain orientated interactive exhibits, why our brains are just so brilliant. The exhibition, which is supported by the Wellcome Trust, was previewed during the Easter break and will officially open on the 13th April.


“Working with Interspectral has enabled us to repurpose a piece of world-leading scientific brain research and very quickly turn it into a remarkable interactive exhibit centrepiece for our new exhibition.

Inside Explorer enables our visitors to interact with and learn about the human brain in minute detail, using 3D brain data derived directly from pioneering scientific research.”

Andy Lloyd, Head of Projects at the International Centre for Life

Interspectral has been working closely with the Centre for Life in cooperation with research labs and neuroscientists, to create the central interactive exhibit for the Brain Zone, based on Inside Explorer.


The data for this specially created exhibit is derived from the BigBrain Atlas, the highest resolution 3D digital model yet made of a human brain, showing features as small as 20 micrometers across. The BigBrain is developed by McConnell Brain Imaging CentreMontréal Neurological Institute (Montréal, Canada), Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Research Centre Jülich (Jülich, Germany) and several other distinguished research labs. Visit the BigBrain website to learn more.

Inside Explorer’s speed and scalability means that it can be quickly adapted to work with many types of large-scale 3D datasets and was ideal to visualise the colossal BigBrain dataset. This provides a way for visitors to virtually explore and interact with the human brain first hand.

David Hughes, Solutions Manager at Interspectral commented:

“Working with The Centre for Life on this project has been really exciting both because the subject matter is so engaging and the timescales were really tight.

I am really pleased that the whole team has responded so amazingly to the challenge and we now have gone from an idea to a new exhibit in just a few months.”

The ‘Brain Explorer‘ is the combined result of all this research, knowledge and technology and is now available for visitors to explore in the Brain Zone, at Newcastle’s Centre for Life.

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