Digital museums, the future?

Ben Moreno, the founder and CEO of IMA Solutions will serve us a topical story in our upcoming webinar session: That is the process of digitizing a museum and making it interactive online.

For more than ten years, IMA Solutions has worked with the largest French and international museums such as the British Museum and Le Louvre Lens in order to support its customers in promoting their collections to the largest public and the scientific community.

Today, Ben will talk about his close work with museums all over Europe and guide us through a digital museum captured with high tech cameras, implemented with new interactive functions and media integrations. Also, how this enables customized storytelling and other benefits and challenges.

How to listen to the Webinar?
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Go Digital Webinar Series

Like many others, we want to seize the opportunity to connect online, to cross borders and continents using a joint platform. As of today, exchanging experiences and ideas cannot start with a handshake, but rather a ringtone, a popup notification, or a webinar invite.

In this webinar series we listen to museums, science centers and researchers worldwide, sharing their stories & experience on digitization and 3D visualization. Get to know the human, animal or artifact behind the data and learn more about what it takes to go digital.

In previous session we have been told a fascinating story of a digitized mummy from Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Ohio, and gotten a full tour of Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum using interactive 3D models representing 900 years of building history.

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