Egyptian mummy – Gilded Lady

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This content package – first created for the acclaimed ‘Mummies’ travelling exhibition produced by the Field Museum – consist of two interactive experiences, one featuring Egyptian mummies and one Peruvian mummies. The exhibition ‘Mummies’ premiered 2016 and have since then been displayed at Los Angeles Natural History Museum and American museum of Natural History.

The interactive experience allow visitors to explore inside the wrappings of mummified human and animal remains. By featuring data garnered from CT scans via a touch screen interface, visitors can interact with selected mummies in a variety of ways: They can remove layers of ornament and wrapping, examine details of the mummification process, and “section” mummies to examine their skeletons and see internal elements, such as organ preservation.

Embedded within each mummy dataset is a series of informational popups that highlight important and unique aspects and reveal internal details that scientists have learned using CT scan technology.

Data By Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago
Name Egyptian mummy – Gilded Lady

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