Interspectral launches new web service with customer in Singapore – interactive educational 3D experiences on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Today Interspectral launches its new Inside Explorer Cloud™, an interactive 3D streaming web service that makes exploring educational 3D visualization experiences possible on any device, anywhere.

Scientific 3D visualization – a game changer in education 

Thomas Rydell, CEO, and Co-founder of Interspectral says “We know that using scientific 3D visualization within education and visitor experience settings is very successful. We can gain knowledge from 3D scans of real humans, animals, and artefacts in a way that is not possible with traditional man-made illustrations.

However, visualizing scientific 3D scans requires powerful computers and complex software, so widespread use of this technology has so far been limited.“

Inside Explorer Cloud – removing the technical barriers

To tackle this problem Interspectral has developed an interactive 3D streaming web service that brings powerful scientific visualizations to any device, neatly removing the technical barriers to widespread use, while keeping costs down.

Inside Explorer Cloud™, interactive educational 3D experiences on any device, anywhere, anytime.

The service performs all computation on powerful cloud servers and streams the content in real-time to the end-user. This means that anyone using a device with an internet browser can now access and explore 3D data, that before required professional equipment.

“Inside Explorer Cloud was developed from the ground up. Bringing together cutting-edge technology with leading cloud service providers we have created a unique 3D streaming service that is deliverable in a truly scalable and cost-effective way.” Thomas Rydell points out.

Science Centre Singapore– preparing for the metaverse age 

The first customer signed-up for Inside Explorer Cloud™ is Science Centre Singapore, a leading educational institution in the Asian region, and a long-standing partner with Interspectral.

Science Centre Singapore

“We are entering into a different mode of audience engagement, our visitors are more savvy and familiar with hybrid approaches i.e. physical exhibitions and online gamified experiences.

The future is how we can augment authentic, real-world experiences with information and interactive overlays. Most people are looking to how the metaverse will grow and evolve. Our Centre is moving in this area to give our visitors more educational connectivity”

Eugene Wambeck, Deputy Director, Exhibitions & Advancement at Science Centre Singapore

The centre will use Inside Explorer Cloud™ to enhance its educational programmes and outreach, complementing the physical hands-on experience available to visitors to the Science Centre, and opening up a hybrid hands-on offer to a wider off-site global audience.

Eugene Wambeck, Deputy Director, Exhibitions & Advancement at Science Centre Singapore

“Science Centres are still places for real-world, see and touch experiences. Globally, Science Centres are looking to push the next level of immersion but also how to keep reaching our audiences beyond their visits, this is where online experiences can serve as valuable touchpoints and resources.

The future will be a hybrid and will likely begin with online experiences as the start point of the visit

Eugene Wambeck, Deputy Director, Exhibitions & Advancement at Science Centre Singapore

Wide range of applications with far-reaching potential

“The beauty of Inside Explorer Cloud is you can take your 3D digitized collections straight to your audience, on their own devices, no matter where they are in the world – at home, in classrooms, in the library, or onsite at museums and science centers. Our ready-to-use scientific content allows you to dissect everything from an Egyptian mummy to the coronavirus, a human brain to a meteorite – and, we can also visualize your own scans to create your own unique content – the opportunities for discovery are endless”, Thomas Rydell says.

Your chance to join our Early-Access Program

Inside Explorer Cloud™ is so new it’s still in BETA – and that means you can be at the forefront of this cutting-edge service. Sign up now and join Science Centre Singapore in leading the way to make your digitized collections and research results accessible to a wider audience.

More info

For more information about the Early-Access Program or to arrange an online demo of Inside Explorer Cloud please contact: Thomas Rydell,

About Interspectral

Interspectral is a Swedish 3D visualization software company that transforms complex 3D data into engaging interactive experiences and insights. We are experts at creating tools and services that transform complex volumetric and surface 3D data into an easy-to-use experience.

We work with customers around the world in two main market segments;  Science Communication and Industrial applications. Our core business is to develop and market our visualization software Inside Explorer and provide solutions and professional services within the visualization domain.

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