Georgia Aquarium


Location: Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta
Type: Permanent exhibition
Installation: February 2019
Software: Inside Explorer
Content: Marine Animal Anatomy
Hardware: Existing on-wall touch screen

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the largest aquariums in the world, housing more than a hundred different species and tens of thousands of animals. It is a non-profit institute committed to inspire awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals. Their mission is to “Treat every animal with love and care and concentrate research and conservation activities where they matter most.”

In fall 2020, Georgia Aquarium will expand with a new exhibit featuring sharks, said to be one of the most misunderstood species in the ocean. In this new gallery educational aspects will be central. 

Successful Evaluation

As part of the expansion, the aquarium partnered up with Interspectral to evaluate how interactive 3D technology can be used for education and to further enhance the learning experience in the new gallery. After a successful evaluation period where the Inside Explorer software was tested on some of the current visitors, Georgia Aquarium purchased a licence for Inside Explorer pre-installed with six data sets in February 2019.

Interactive Learning Experience

Using Inside Explorer, visitors of Georgia Aquarium can interact with, explore and even dissect several species of aquatic animals. As the visualizations are based on real scientific data collected from researchers all over the world, the software bridges the gap between science and the public in a new, and very hands on way. It’s an educating but engaging event that adds to the overall experience.

A Flexible Software Solution

In this case, Georgia Aquarium had access to high resolution touch screens suitable for interactive experiences. With Inside Explorer installed, they can reuse their existing hardware to have curios visitors explore the inside of various aquatic animals.

Featured Datasets

Explore the datasets featured at Georgia Aquarium. The content is possible to license trough Interspectral, click on the animals below to learn more.

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