Interspectral develops new integration for efficient AM workflow in GE Additive M Line

Interspectral, a Swedish software company specializing in 3D visualization and advanced data fusion, has reached a significant milestone by successfully integrating its AM Explorer software with the GE Additive M Line product range offering enhanced workflow capabilities for GE Additive users. 

Interspectral’s AM Explorer, known for its agnostic 3D visualization capabilities, can seamlessly integrate OEMs, offering users a comprehensive solution for workflow enhancement. Interspectral has created a new module for their AM Explorer solution that enables the import and large data fusion from GE Additive M Line printers. This integration will allow users to simplify the detection of anomalies and effectively manage their data. This solution will initially be available for the GE Additive Concept Laser M Line product range and will be presented at Formnext 2023.  

Clément Barret, at MMB Volum-e a leading French service provider.

Several challenges like difficulties in correlating data, inspecting and overlaying anomalies, managing large datasets and handling 3D data from CT scans is addressed with Interspectral’s AM Explorer software, allowing for improved data visualization and simplified anomaly detection.   

AM Explorer, MMB Volum-e, Clement Barret

With this integration, GE Additives’ M line users will have the capability to explore and analyze large datasets in 3D. They can isolate specific parts from the build plate, gaining a comprehensive understanding of those parts and simplifying identification of any anomalies. The integration of AM Explorer empowers end-users to conduct in-depth root cause analysis and guided anomaly detection, which is a significant advancement in the additive manufacturing industry.  

This is a big step forward for our multi-channel visualization solution AM Explorer and with it for users of M Line.  Through this in-depth integration, Interspectral are now empowering GE Additive M Line 3D printers with AM Explorer to achieve optimized efficiency for additive manufacturing production” says Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral.     

Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral. Photo by: Fotograf Ristenstrand

A first version of this solution will be demonstrated at Formnext this November in Interspectral booth (Hall 12.1- A81) at Frankfurt, Germany. 

About Interspectral 
Interspectral is a tech company specializing in 3D digitization, 3D visualization, and advanced data fusion, based in Norrköping, Sweden. The company operates on the global market and has customers in over 20 countries.  

Interspectral develops AM Explorer, a visualization software package that makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze simulation, monitoring, and post-build part analysis data from the metal additive manufacturing process.   

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